People always tell us that we are a bit different.
We believe that companies of all sizes can achieve big things. We see no reason why multi-national blue chips should have a monopoly on the top talent. And just because something has always been done one way, doesn’t mean there isn’t a better solution.

It’s why when Jobline Consultants India Pvt. Ltd. Was founded, our aim was to enable all organizations to access the kind of top HR talent and recruitment expertise with our pioneered innovative, cost effective ways of helping businesses and organizations’ within each & every sector, recruit and retain the best people – and gain themselves a crucial competitive advantage.   

Jobline Consultants India Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2001 by a team of HR professionals with rich experience in their respective corporate careers. In the short span since its inception the company has already carved a niche in the Indian corporate HR services scenario.

At Jobline Consultants India Pvt. Ltd., our consultants follow a rigorous HR-led recruitment process to identify the most suitable candidates, whilst delivering a professional and personable customer experience to both employers and candidates. All highly talented HR professionals with a minimum of 4 years HR experience, they love working within the faster paced, challenging environments with a simple, straightforward decision making process, greater levels of responsibility and more varied roles.

Jobline specializes in recruitment process outsourcing, managed recruitment services, search services, staffing services and support services. Jobline looks forward to work closely with clients who have specialized or time-specific talent needs. With each of its clients, Jobline has always played, and always seeks to play, an active and a more collaborative role in each engagement ensuring higher returns and enhanced value creation. Jobline has the right mix of expertise and experience to deliver consistent, high-quality and timely services on a continual and progressive basis.

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