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Jobline has a longstanding commitment to addressing the needs of the society, in view of its belief that for any economic development to be meaningful, the benefits from the business must trickle down to the society at large. Jobline is of the firm view that the corporate goals must be aligned with the larger societal goals. The objective of Jobline Foundation is to find jobs for disabled people in the corporate sector. The Foundation has created programs to train disabled The Foundation has created programs to train disabled people to make them hirable and to make sure that fellow humans could breathe easy.

The long term goal of Jobline Foundation is to implement concepts like “Each One Hire One”.


"Placements with a difference," will be an appropriate way to summarize the work of Jobline Foundation.

We at Jobline pride ourselves in finding jobs and placing disabled persons, who are either blind, deaf, mute, polio afflicted, lost body parts, or affected by cerebral palsy, or any other in mainstream companies in India.

The Disabled Persons Act of 1995 stipulates that government departments and public sector undertakings reserve 3 per cent of their posts for disabled persons.

However, several private companies still shy away from hiring the disabled. We at Jobline Foundation provide the much needed link between persons with disabilities and the professional world.


When disabled persons approach us, we first find out what kind of job they want to do and draft a resume. Then we give them pre-placement guidance, where we tell them how to give an interview, explain the importance of work ethics, respecting a superior, coming on time and meeting deadlines. Working in a professional environment will be a completely new experience and we try to make the transition as easy as possible.


"Some people who come to us have completed their schooling or degree. But for those who haven't, we have a vocational training centre, where we offer courses in computers, industrial training, physiotherapy, office management and horticulture, at the end of which the disabled persons are equipped with the basic skills they require to work.


There are plenty of jobs in companies that a blind, deaf, mute or polio-afflicted person can do. But it is difficult for a disabled person to approach employers directly, as he inevitably gets rejected. We use our contacts in the industry to get the disabled persons placed.

Disabled persons add a lot of value to the company. Other employees learn to be more accepting, feel more enriched and inspired in the presence of a disabled colleague. A disabled employee provides a much-needed diversity in thought and action in the workplace. After all, innovation stems from this diversity.

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