Jobline Service Standards :-
“Consistently delivering results through people”
  • Work with someone who knows your     business.
  • Work with the same person every time.
  • Receive open and honest communication.
  • Access local industry knowledge and     advice.
  • Secure the right person quickly.
  • Skill based hiring & not key word based     hiring.
  • Extensive database offering endless &     substantial growth opportunities.
  • Precision, Passion & Performance – key     attributes for our success.
  • Provide quality manpower service in     surprisingly consistent manner.
  • Just in time approach.
  • Strong Commitment for Excellence.
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    Jobline Recruitment Process
    Submit Vacancy
    Our continuous effort is not only to provide consultancy services to our client’s but also to give applicants a perfect platform.

    Before we start looking for the right skills for your company, we will first gain a good understanding of your business and the environment within which you operate.

    This will provide us with insight into the way you conduct your business, your culture, as well as the ethics, values and standards by which you operate. This valuable insight and understanding will assist in providing a short-list of the best available candidates that not only meet the skills, experience and qualifications required to get the job done, but also match your culture, ethics and values.

    This is important, as so often a mismatch in these areas can lead to a high staff turnover within the first three months of permanent employment.

    For your peace of mind, we also have a standard ninety-day guarantee, which starts once a candidate has been placed in a permanent position.

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