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Collectively the team coordinates the firms search activities on a worldwide basis, and brings an unparalleled perspective to the review of recruitment strategies, search execution and opportunity marketing.

We have deep domain expertise and we ensure that all of our resources are aligned to the success of each search. Regardless of a company’s size, market sector or location – the right people with the right experience are available for every project we undertake.

The Partners are supported by an outstanding, Research team, a dedicated Operations team and world class systems.

Working with us is fun :-

We grow as a company by growing our people. This insight is behind all our efforts to keep our people fulfilled and committed. Much of our achievement comes from the importance we place on creating an environment that fosters the growth and development of our people. The company puts huge emphasis on nurturing people in working environments that foster open, honest and direct communication.

Working together on projects, turning ideas into reality and helping create values is fun. We help keep it that way through an informal culture and by supporting people in achieving a work - life balance.

Results-oriented people working together make great things happen at Jobline. Challenging goals foster innovation and creative thinking at all levels, and give team members an unprecedented opportunity to help shape the next Recruitment revolution. Jobline provides a friendly work environment, and a chance to get in on the adventure: An adventure that will take you through new challenges as you undertake the process of recruitment to empower next generation businesses. If you have a passion for high standards and the drive to be part of a growing organization where you can really make a difference, Jobline is a place where you would want to be and we'd like to hear from you.

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