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Jobline is a high quality Executive Search firm that stands out for three main reasons. Firstly, its consultants have real interest in their clients. Jobline and the team are well known to us and they have taken the time to really understand our business and our culture. Secondly, they have the infrastructure and experience that has enabled us to use them successfully for national searches in the India. FInally, they truly focus on delivering against one of our key measurements, time to fill. The team is driven not just by quality but also by how quickly that quality can be brought to the table.
Recruitment Manager - A Financial Consulting Firm  - 2010-05-12
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I have worked with Jobline on a number of occasions as a client and candidate. Their ability to quickly and effectively understand my background, experience, strengths, aspirations and intentions regarding future roles was a refreshing change in this market. Jobline’s understanding of the organizations and roles we discussed was at all times accurate and insightful - enabling me to make the right decisions and preparations with those I wished to pursue. When seeking to recruit, Jobline ensured that only those candidates who accurately met my requirements were put forward. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jobline.
CEO with one of the leading actuarial consulting company  - 2010-04-27
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We have been very pleased with the recruiting partnership we have with Jobline. Jobline is a true recruiting partner for our business. The consultants are very professional, persistent and efficient. We are in a business which has been experiencing rapid growth and many organisational changes, which demand the talent acquisition function to be extremely agile and responsive. Jobline has greatly impressed us with their quality of service and their ability in delivering results.
Head HR - Telecom Company  - 2010-04-12
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“The recruitment project was very effective with Jobline taking time to fully understand the role and the qualities we needed. They undertook all the hard work screening applicants and coming to a shortlist of high caliber candidates. This left us to choose the best and conclude a very successful project in a very satisfyingly short timescale.”
Sr. Manager recruitment, leading infra company  - 2010-03-15
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Jobline was charged with identifying high caliber interim Management Position for a business that was in need of urgent support from internationally experienced, telecom professionals. Jobline quickly understood the brief and provided a high quality short-list on two different occasions from which, each time, I was able to make a successful hire. Very pleased with the outcome on each occasion.
VP with one of the top 3 telecom companies  - 2009-12-09
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We have worked with Jobline an Executive Search over the last 3 years to source senior, high calibre executives. The most crucial element they bring as an Executive Search Consultancy is not only their knowledge and understanding of the market, which is exceptional, but also their ability to quickly understand our business, what we need and how best to deliver the right solution at the most cost effective price. They work very closely with the business to ensure that they deliver professional and high quality service at all times. Our experience of them is that they are extremely thorough in their research and selection processes, which ensures that short listed candidates truly match the role in terms of fit, knowledge, experience and skills. They believe in such a stringent quality measure that if the candidate is shortlisted from their end, it is a guaranteed placement. In each of the recruitment processses we have had difficulty in selecting the final candidate as the short listed candidates have been of such a high calibre, which of course is very good news for us. We would also add that the candidates we have appointed have given us very positive feedback in relation to how they feel they have been managed by Jobline from a candidate perspective. We would have no hesitation in recommending Jobline for their level of professionalism and high performance in the recruitment arena - on top of that they are a great bunch of people to work with!
HR Head - Consulting Firm  - 2009-08-03
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